The G30 at Realty 2013: a timely message

On 28th May the G30 held a Conference at realty in partnership with Seco and ORI on the topic of “The City for Citizens”.

The Keynote speaker was Professor Riccardo Petrella, Professor Emeritus at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), President of the European Institute for Water Policy Research (Institut Européen de Recherche sur la Politique de l’Eau). He also teaches “human ecology” at the Academy of Architecture of the University of Italian Switzerland (Mendrisio) created by Mario Botta.

Two eminent Belgian politicians were also invited to debate on the topic on this occasion and until the last minute the organisers were confident also from the intermediate information received that they would be effectively present.  Alas, on the very day of the conference the organisers were informed at a few hours distance that both of them were unable to attend, reportedly due to urgent political meetings.  This very unfortunate situation obliged the organisers to change the actual running of the conference at extremely short notice.

The choice of the Realty Fair to hold the conference was made on purpose.  Nowadays more and more decisions affecting the built environment are taken primarily if not only according to the wishes of financial forces.  Realty as the place where the real estate world meets annually seemed a perfect receptacle for M. Petrella’s message.

Precisely, the message that Riccardo Petrella passed on that was clear enough.  According to his analysis there is a need to devise a coherent and integrated “urban sustainability strategy” along what he sees as the three main lines of action and prospects: cities as the « places for the common good and public services”, cities as the “places for participation”, and cities as the “places for utopia”

We would like to thank here Yves Pianet, CEO of Seco and Bernard Gilliot, President of ORI for their support for the event.  Their contributions during the opening of the conference and the abstract of R. Petrella’s Keynote speech is available on the website of the G30 in English and French as well as a selection of photos from the conference that was followed by a drink designed to facilitate contacts.

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