Exporting the Belgian Know-How

The G30 has participated on the 25th of September 2012 to the meeting organised by BICCS, the Belgian International Concept & Construction Services. BICCS is the common platform of Contractors, Engineers and Architects. Let’s recall that Didier Reynders, the Federal Minister of External Affairs, was the Key Speaker at the launch meeting held on the 8th of May. At the second meeting, on the 25th of September we had the pleasure to meet all the leading staff members of the Federal Authorities in External Affairs. The members of ConfederatieBouw/ ConfédérationConstruction, ORI and G30 had a very open and a real professional exchange on the different process flow, and on the issue of what support Belgian firms and consortium can receive to develop the Belgian knowledge outside the country.

The next meeting of BICCS will take place on the 24th of October and the Guests will be representatives of the African Investment Bank.

The programme of the future economic Missions to promote the Belgian knowledge is available for download.

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